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Happy Holidays!

In a few days, my family and I are heading to Colorado for some skiing, snowboarding and beautiful snow-top mountain views. I won't be meeting with clients or students Dec. 22 through Dec. 29, but I will be answering emails if you have important questions or concerns. All other emails and meetings will have to wait until we return. I would also like to take a moment to express my gratitude to … [Read More...]

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Can My College Acceptance Be Revoked?

Can colleges revoke admissions offers? What behaviors can cause this, and how can students protect themselves? It’s the time of year again. No, not tax time. I’m referring to senoritis. The time of year when senior year high school students start getting acceptance letters to college and then, promptly, start slacking off in school. It’s tempting, I know. They already got into college, why … [Read More...]