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New College Ranking Lists Published by Money Magazine

For the longest time,  U.S. News & World Report was considered THE college rankings system. Every Fall, a "new" list would be released, which would almost always put Harvard was the best college in America. Every once in a while, it would tie with Princeton. Those rankings were based on many factors, including SAT scores, acceptance rates, and graduation rates. But it did not include many … [Read More...]

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5 Things to Do the Summer Before Going Off To College

Congratulations! You've just graduated from high school and have been accepted to a university (or several!) You've worked hard and should enjoy your last summer at home before going off to college. You may feel like being "lazy" before classes and your busy freshmen year begins; by all means, relax, but there are several things that you should concentrate on over the summer, while you still have … [Read More...]